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Luster NOW!® Instant Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste (4oz)

$ 7.99
Luster NOW!®  instantly whitens teeth after one brushing, plus is contains Fluoride for daily use. Allure Beauty Breakthrough Award Winner Instantly whitens teeth after one brushing with results that last for hours Contains Bluverite® technology which deposits blue micro-particles on to teeth, creating the optical effect of whiter teeth Fluoride...

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About Us

After working in dental offices and in a corporate dental setting, Dentovations' co-founders Damon Brown and Tim Diasti became frustrated with the lack of innovation in teeth whitening along with the harmful effects most whitening products have. They found that new product after product was simply a re-packaging of old formulations without addressing customer needs. This was not only true for the professional market but also the consumer market. Tooth whitening was at a standstill with little to no change in over 20 years.

Brown and Diasti decided it was time for innovation to be brought to the field and thus founded Dentovations, Inc. in 2001. Fast, safe and effective whitening with zero tooth sensitivity was their primary focus. Instead of re-packaging old formulations Brown and Diasti partnered with their network of dentists to create a new way to whiten teeth. After a few years of research and development they created a dental grade whitening light to reverse years of stains in just 30 minutes - the fastest on the market. Not only was it fast, but after clinical testing it revealed to whiten teeth better than any over-the-counter product without causing zero tooth sensitivity and being enamel safe. With this they began creating private label products for oral care and beauty brands. As products took off, Brown and Diasti decided to create the Luster Premium White brand in 2007. This consumer whitening light innovation was just the beginning as the then developed other whitening products from instant and deep stain eraser toothpastes, to rinses and additional whitening systems under Luster Premium White.

Brown and Diasti have yet to reveal their breakthrough professional whitening technology that is almost ready to be used in dental offices. This breakthrough technology will safely and effectively whiten teeth in just 10 minutes without tooth sensitivity. Stay tuned for more.

As Company of 1st Evers, Luster Premium White is a True Innovator in Teeth Whitening

1st zero tooth sensitivity whitening product
1st (and only) 2% stabilized hydrogen peroxide toothpaste
1St direct application whitening
1st at-home dental grade whitening light
1st 10 minute professional whitening
1st instant whitening product
1st (and only) oral care brand to win an Allure Beauty Breakthrough Award (2011)

For more on the science behind Luster Premium White products visit the Luster Way section.